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Our services

Arka offers a tailor-made consulting service in all areas of expertise.

  • Licensing

  • Research, evaluate and negotiate of the proper license/property through a specialised network, to ensure the most advantageous start.

  • Product launch

  • Target segmentation, timing of the launch, and pricing policies, to better exploit the potential of the market.

  • Design of the product

  • Balance between the number of subjects to collect, packaging content and dimensions, to satisfy the collectors.

  • Production

  • Research and use of highly specialised suppliers to ensure best quality and service at the best price.

  • Marketing and promotion

  • The most effective advertising and rich cross-promotional network, to achieve the set targets. The "missing stickers/cards" customer service as a source of information and promotional media.

  • Sales and distribution

    Coordination of the best specialists in Europe in sales and distribution, to ensure widespread availability of the product and speed of supply.