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Marco SighinolfiMarco Sighinolfi

Marco has been working in the field of stickers, trading cards and 3D since 1995. As a Director of production for Edis SpA in Modena, he managed the product for many years, taking it from the stage of project development, monitoring industrial costs, up to the commercial management of the most important customers (e.g. Topps / Merlin).

In 2004 he founded Arka, offering consultancy to companies in the field of collectibles, including Topps (Merlin) and Edibas. The activities of Arka led him to work all around Europe.

Results of these activities are the penetration of new markets in Europe (Spain, UK, Scandinavia) and beyond (Turkey, Russia and other Eastern countries) and the establishment of a cross-promotional network, also in premiums and in the confectionery/candy industry.