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Consultants in the area of collectable:
stickers, trading cards, premiums, figurines and gadgets

Do you want to enter the collectible products' market?

Arka offers consulting to anyone that wants to create and market a collection of stickers, trading cards, gadgets and 3D collectibles.

The market

Stickers, trading cards, 3D products and gadgets share some technical and distribution aspects with traditional publishing. The market of collectibles however, is constantly growing, and today it's worth hundreds of millions of Euros, without considering premiums.

Arka makes it possible also for companies that are new to this line of business to enter the European market of collectibles while using their existing structures and organisation.

Why choose Arka?

A long direct experience in the industry translates into a deep knowledge of markets, vendors, and sales mechanisms. Our expertise is your traveling companion from the stage of product design to sales and distribution and sales network management.

All our services are tailor-made. Do you need specific advice? Or a more structured collaboration? It's up to you. Contact us.